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publish problem

Good day,
Application "Gunler Uygulama" was not published and still pending.
However certification approved on 17.07 Friday, 5 days ago.

Submission 1 certification
The certification step usually takes a few hours, but in some cases can take up to three business days. Learn more
Note: Once your submission is published, it may take up to 24 hours for customers to see the changes.

Your product is being published and should be in the Store within 24 hours.

In Application overview - Submission 1 page, it appears:
This submission is in the Store.
It may take an additional hour for your changes to show up in the Store

However when searched in Microsoft Store, nothing appears.

Can you check and intimate about the reason of the publishment delay and/or search invisibility please?


Name: Gunler Uygulama

App ID: 9N7VK041DRFV

Publisher name: Gunler Destek

Test ID: f7b09605-5bec-4615-8000-3ac38213548d

Windows 10 packages Gunler.appx

Version v1.0.0.0
Minimum OS: Architecture
Available on Windows.Desktop min version
Languages tr-tr
Capabilities runFullTrust
File size 6.6 MB

Account details
Account type Individual
Account status Active
Seller ID 71540890
Windows publisher ID CN=3AAFCED9-40BB-4B94-94BC-8C162FCBDDFE

Publisher display name Gunler Destek

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