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About failing to sign in Microsoft account

Dear Administrator,
I tried to sign in the Microsoft account on my ASUS Laptop but I failed. At first, I was able to sign in the Microsoft account. Then, it asked me to "Sign into this computer using your Microsoft account". I did, but it did not work at all! I thought the password was not from the Microsoft account, so I tried entering the Gmail and Windows ones, but it turned out wrong again. I hope I will get the response explaining why this problem occured. Below are the correction ID, the timestamp and the screenshots of the issue:

Correlation Id: ffdbcf4ac310000465d7dbff10c3d701
Timestamp: 2021-10-17T04:48:16.113Z ![141091-screenshot-18.png][1]![141056-screenshot-19.png][2]
[1]: /answers/storage/attachments/141091-screenshot-18.png
[2]: /answers/storage/attachments/141056-screenshot-19.png

Nhu Ngoc Tam Nguyen

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screenshot-19.png (291.7 KiB)
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