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A bug inside IIS during naming an application

One of the most amazing things I came across was that some programs are provided by IIS but no one can see them in the IIS application tree.

After some hours working on this weird issue, I've got some points around naming applications in IIS.

  1. Do not use the character ('/') in the application name as an application alias, because you can not find it in IIS while you can find it in the ApplicationHost.config file (which is somehow the data source of IIS and you can find all of the websites, apps, app apps there and more settings there).

  2. If you want to use the class ServerManager in .Net-Framework to traverse IIS, you can not find this type of program properly there.

For example, suppose you have created a program called ('testParent / testChild'), so you will only see testChild as a result of traversing IIS using ServerManager.
More weird point is that I faced with this point from IIS6 to IIS10.
So I think IIS is using this class to traverse data and so it can be a bug inside .Net-Framework.
I Appreciate it if you check it out.

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