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Excel for Mac 16.40 protection bug

Why is your FAQ and Feedback tab not working.......usual error 404
Microsoft interested in finding bugs in its software and helping annoyed clients ?
I am working against a deadline and have a complex pricing file
I am using your latest Excel for Mac 16.40
To protect it I used the Protect Worksheet option with my standard company passcode - easy
Having saved two sheets I found that the Workbook protection was automatically activated but not with my passcode.....impossible to take off
Then going back to my two protected sheets I then find my standard password no longer works.
This did not happen in my old Excel you have obviously created a bug.
i tried to use video help to unprotect without the password on the web,....but this only helps older versions
On 16.40 when I press Alt+F11 I get the sound screen!
Can you please urgently direct me to instructions on how to remove this bug but above all to give me admin access back to my pricing excel
I expect a rapid response.........if there is none, due to your FAQ site being out of action.........I will take appropriate action on the web sites criticising the Microsoft monopoly
Please help!

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