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Request to "Add to Tab" the Planner App for MS Teams "Chats"

I really enjoy the functionality of the Planner app because visually it allows me to separate tasks/plans into buckets for things to do between myself and others. Currently Planner is only available as an "add a tab" function on "Teams" or "Channels" on the MS Teams application. I would like to see Planner added as an "add a tab" function in the "Chats" section for individual/group conversations.

As an assistant, Planner makes communication at the individual and group level much easier. For example, as the person I support is an executive, I can use Planner to bucket out To Do / Time Sensitive / Pending Approvals...etc. This way the person I support can be more easily fed information and has a quick one stop shop to see pending tasks and projects through the MS Teams Chat with me.

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