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Issues adding my personnel microsoft email adress on Microsoft Authenticator

Hello !

I successfully added one of my professional email address on Authenticator but I experience issues now with my personal one. In the settings, I click on "Add account" > "personal account", I sign in with Microsoft. The app detect my address (Got Outlook in my apps). As soon as I have to enter the password (which is automatically filled thanks to Google passwords), I arrive on the screen "Verify your identity". Here is the issue:
I can:
- Approve a request on my Microsoft Authenticator app > Problem, as I am currently on it, it looks like I am not receiving anything, the app in sending a message "Approve sign in request, Before you can access sensitive info, you need to approve request XXXXX on your Microsoft Authenticator app." I am on it, I can't go back or it's cancelled!
- So I try the second solution: use a verification code from my mobile app. Screen: "Please type the code displayed on your authenticator app from your device". PB: nothing's happening ! Not receving codes / text... So, 3rd and last solution>
- Email XXXX > verify your email blablabla. I am still waiting for it.

What can I do ??

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