The hybrid has escaped!

If you have seen the mail announcing the release of the WDK RC1, I will remind you that the hybrid sample driver is there.  If you haven't seen it (or don't get the mails), hey you guys the WDK RC1 is released and you can get it through your account.

Then I will ask you to be patient and not send me many, many angry emails as I made a boo-boo... :) 

I accidentally checked  in the .inf it w/ the KMDF version set to 1.5.  I'll fix this for the RTM release, but unless you have the 1.5 KMDF conistaller you'll have to jump through some hoops to install the sample driver.  Yes I have been mocked to no end by my peers, and the fixe(s) are simple, so no worries there, I'll just make sure my Dunce cap is visible.

I'll write up a work around post when I get back to the office on Monday.

So go forth and code my friends!