The sounds of silence.

Greetings one and all (who may be only one left reading at this point *g*).  Some cool things are happening here which is why I’ve been heads down working.  And I can’t tell you about them just yet – pretty soon though..  But one of the cool things I can tell you about, if you haven’t seen it already - the Kinect SDK has been released.  And I’m very proud to say – it’s using a KMDF driver.

In addition to that we’ve seen an increase of new WDF based drivers coming from some of you readers.  A few I have helped get their drivers up and running, and others my teammates have been helping.  It’s so nice to see the adoption rates really starting to pick up!  I know refactoring / writing new drivers is a hard sell to some companies, but when the upside is that increased stability and reduction in support costs, it makes that sell a lot easier.

We’ll be churning up the blog posts again, so stay tuned for more tidbits and tales from the driver side.

Thanks again everybody – and keep firing questions my way.