You’ve had the time, let’s hear the feedback.

I hope those of you who are using the new Visual Studio 2011 with the WDK integration are having some fun, even if it’s just been wandering around and playing. What, if anything, are you not liking about it? Anything that’s unintuitive or confusing? What do you like about it, but would like to maybe see tweaked?

Now that I finally have my VS 2010 plug-ins to fixed to work with VS 2011 (real subtle changes as all these two plug-ins are wholly internal tools) and have been using it exclusively for the last few weeks. In particular, how have the KMDF / UMDF templates been working out?

So, either use the “send feedback” option or leave a comment – I’ll post them so long as you’re not screaming at me *g*. I have got direct line of access to the team(s) involved in these projects, so your feedback won’t go off in to the vapor. :)

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