Describing a software architect by the patterns he uses...

Jack Greenfield sent an email around that described the architect from the perspective of the patterns an architect uses:

The basic working methods of the architects are covered by a limited set of very generic patterns:
- Viewpoint hopping, looking at the problem and (potential) solutions from many points of view, see section 4.2.
- Decomposition, breaking up a large problem in smaller problems, introducing interfaces and the need for integration, see section 4.3.
- Quantification, building up understanding by quantification, from order of magnitude numbers to specifications with acceptable confidence level, see section 4.4.
- Decision making when lots of data is missing, see section 4.5.
- Modeling, as means of communication, documentation, analysis, simulation, decision making and verification, see section 4.6.
- Asking Why, What, How, When, Where questions, see section 4.7.
- Problem solving approach, see section 4.8.

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