I want more than ASMX on my design surface!

A question we continually get is whether VSTS Architect will come with any new types. I, therefore, wanted to post our reply below:

"In general, the plan is to work with the platform teams like Indigo to define the SDM models required to describe additional application types, like the WCF service based application that you describe. Doing this allows these kinds of applications and endpoints to be included (you mentioned remoting and other kinds of endpoints, such as MSMQ) in the diagrams created using the Distributed System Designers. Such models can be developed now using the SDM SDK, but it is not practical with the current extensibility model to support these models with the kind of fine grain code synchronization support seen for ASMX in today’s architect tools. The breadth of our SDK today will only provide the various shapes with endpoint connectivity and settings, but it will not support the full fidelity design experience integrated with project system as we have with ASMX today. The focus on the SDK in V1 was to provide the ability for partners to model any other kinds of application and host type as well as provide validation and analysis over the models and to fully document and communicate thier designs. Our strategy for the next release (codenamed Orcas) and beyond is to extend the SDK to support pluggable ‘artifact providers’ to allow partners (internal and external) to provide this rich integration into our tools platform. This will allow us to support Indigo as well as many other kinds of application types. For Orcas we are planning to support a WCF service design experience in the Distributed Solutions Diagrams including the hosting model." -- Response from EFT PM