Making the diagram visible for others to see...


One of the questions we still get is: "What is your story for sharing diagram? If I do not have the Visual Studio Team Edition for Software Architects version of Visual Studio how do I view the diagram?"

We would have liked to have a read-only view (or something similar) of the diagrams for the other versions of Visual Studio. However, this was not possible in this version.

There are workarounds. I have listed these below:

The deployment report is probably your best option if you want to distribute visualizations of the architecture of the solution, the deployment definition and logical datacenter being deployed to. Generating the deployment report results in the creation of set of images that correspond to the various diagrams. The deployment report's user readable form (html) includes these images. We invision that architects will generate a deployment report and share it out with the rest of their teams. For more information on the deployment report, see .

In the case where a logical datacenter diagram or a deployment diagram is not available, the user should use the 'Copy Image' option in the 'Edit' menu and save the images to the solution. The image can then be checked into a SCC Server such as VSS and then can be viewed by the rest of the team who may or may not have Visual Studio available.