I'll be at Tech*Ed in Barcelona, Nov 3-7

I'm on the schedule to speak at Tech*Ed EMEA in Barcelona the week of November 3-7. I've got three sessions listed below (sharing CLI08-IS with Chris Jackson): 





Tools for Identifying "LUA Bugs" (Admin-Permissions-Required Bugs)

November 6 18:00 - 19:15

Lots of programs were designed by developers running as admin for users running as admin, and lots of those programs break when you try to run as a standard user. This session discusses and demonstrates various tools to identify the specific causes of those failures so that they can be fixed. This helps avoid insecure overkill fixes like granting "Full Control" to the program's installation folder.


Vista Security Weirdness: MIC, UIPI, Protected Mode IE

November 5 17:30 - 18:45

Dig into the architecture, purposes and real-world manifestations of the new technologies in Windows Vista and how they impact application compatibility. This session dives into Mandatory Integrity Control (MIC), User Interface Privilege Isolation (UIPI), Protected Mode Internet Explorer, and why customers should not disable UAC. Learn how PMIE's "virtualization" is completely different from UAC's file and registry virtualization.


Does it Work? Fixing Applications One at a Time and Thousands at a Time

November 7 10:45 - 12:00

Join Aaron Margosis, the Guru of Non-Admin, and Chris Jackson, the Guy Who Fixes Things, for a tale of the adventures they have had in years of fighting the nastiest compatibility problems both with moving to standard user desktops and to Windows Vista. Hear how they solved daunting challenges using ACT, LUA Buglight, Sysinternals tools and the Debugging Tools for Windows. Share lessons learned, not only for the technical challenges of resolving issues with a single application but the logistical challenges of fixing thousands of them.



I'm also participating in a Springboard Series Bloggers Panel: "Straight Talk About Windows OS Adoption":

Join in a live, interactive discussion with Microsoft Bloggers as they tackle current challenges surrounding Windows OS adoption. Learn about workarounds, tips and tricks, and leveraging Springboard Series resources to assist with each phase of the adoption and deployment lifecycle.

The panelists include Chris Jackson, Jeremy Chapman, Ken Rosen, the lovely and talented Steve Riley, and it's moderated by Stephen Rose. The panel is on Wednesday, November 5 from noon to 1pm at the TechEd Online Stage.