Quick restore from busted WinPE 2.0

Possibly a random scenario, but I thought worth sharing.  My specific instance was during a deployment to a Windows 2000 system.  The deployment went fine until it got into WinPE 2.0, where it failed.  However, rebooting the system would just restart into WinPE.  So here's a process to fix a system to boot back into Windows 2000.

  1. In WinPE, del c:\bootmgr and rmdir c:\boot.
  2. Copy boot.ini, ntldr and ntdetect.com from a known good system, and attrib +s +h all three files.
  3. Connect to the deployment server and run Z:\Tools\x86\bootsect.exe /nt52 c: to fix the boot sector.
  4. Restart, logon, and let the task sequence fail.
  5. Delete C:\_SMSTaskSequence.

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