Coming soon to a package near you

Now that the summer is over officially (it's back around 55°F here in Seattle), it's time to get back to work. J For those of you who still haven’t taken a sneak peek at the features coming to VSIP in 2005 by downloading the Beta SDK, here is a preview of some of the great features you can look forward to:

· Expanded support of the Managed Package Framework (formerly known as VSIP helper classes). We’ve added quite a few new base classes for you to derive from to add your own commands, tool windows, project systems, or whatever you want!

· More samples! You asked for them, and we’re delivering. There were four C# samples delivered in VSIP Extras, and there are now 8 in the VSIP 2005 SDK Beta 1 Release! I hear from my good friend, Dr. Ex, that there may even be 11 or 12 coming in Beta 2.

· Language Service support in the Managed Package Framework! We’ve added a base class for you to derive from in order to colorize and provide intellisense for your own custom language. If you want to see a great example of this, check out the RegExLangService written by Allen Denver (with a few minor improvements from yours truly).

· A lot of other small improvements and bug fixes

If there are any other samples you’d like to see, we probably can’t get them into the official VSIP 2005 SDK, but we are always looking for new topics to write about for blogs or whitepapers. Send in your ideas and we’ll see what we can do!