FolderShare + Powershell = Global Powershell Profile

I am starting to force myself to learn new tricks and generally use Powershell more and more. The other day, I though to myself...wouldn't it be great if I could have a global profile and set of scripts on all the various machines that I use on a day-to-day basis?

For example, I added the UAC elevate function that Peter Provost wrote to my PS profile. How do I get this on all my machines without having to manually edit my profile file on each machine?

This became pretty easy with FolderShare. I'm using FolderShare as basically a personal peer-to-peer service for my machines. I just set up all my machines to share the Documents\WindowsPowershell folder...and voila! Now all my machines use the same Powershell profile when I fire up powershell.exe! When I make a tweak on one machine, the changed profile gets updated on all other other machines where I've set up FolderShare. This also means that any scripts I add to that folder get automatically synced.