Hello World

On a warm summer's day in late July 2003, Microsoft announced that the VSIP SDK would now be freely available for developers to start writing their own packages for Visual Studio. The masses rejoiced that the monolith black-box known as VS .NET would be more extensible and customizable, but they were faced with a huge new programming model to comprehend.

Enter yours truly. In summer 2003, I was an intern at Microsoft with the VSIP testing team. I recently finished school and am now working full time making sure VSIP is as bug free as possible before it ships out the door. Having stuggled with the whole VSIP thing for a while and finding the learning curve to be quite steep, I hope to use this blog as a chance for myself to learn more about VSIP and to assist anyone new to extensibility and VSIP to get started writing some great packages for VS .NET. I plan on posting more in the coming days, so stay tuned.