More Visual Studio Extensibility samples....

Think that samples of extending Visual Studio through the VSIP interfaces only exist in the VSSDK? Nope. One of our expert VSIP support folks, Ed Dore, posted some additional samples that he's created over the years. At present there are four samples:

  • CWTool : Sample Toolwindow package that illustrates a couple of ways to host the Visual Studio Core Editor (VsCodeWindow) inside a toolwindow.
  • MPEdit : Prototype Editor Package that illustrates hosting the Visual Studio Core Editor (VsCodeWindow) as a child control, in a managed editor package.
  • TBEdit : Prototype Editor Package illustrating basic architecture for implementing an editor containing tabbed logical views. Implements IVsMultiViewDocumentView.
  • MyErrorsPackage : Sample ToolWindow Package authored with the Visual Studio SDK, illustrating usage of an ErrorListProvider to participate in the IDE's Errors toolwindow.