Visual Studio 2005 SDK - December 2006 (CTP)

Last Friday, our team shipped the December 2006 CTP of the Visual Studio 2005 SDK. You can get the CTP at (free registration required).

This is a CTP of our upcoming version 4 release which should be finalized around February 2007.

Some of the highlights of this CTP:

  • IronPython WebSite & Web Application Project improvements (especially around intellisense, inline script blocks, debugging)
  • Setup - While the SDK is still a ~120 MB download, the local documentation is now an optional component if you prefer using only online MSDN documentation. Keep in mind though that local documentation is updated for each CTP, but the online documentation is only published every 3-4 months when we produce a "release" version of the SDK.
  • DSL Tools update (mostly bug fixes from what I understand)
  • Toolbar ComboBox Sample
  • Controls Sample : Now demonstrates integration of Help 2.0 (DExplore) content with controls