Faculty Connection offers new interesting training material on Agile software engineering, HTML5, Phone and Windows 8.

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Last month a large list of new material has been made available. Check it out here !


This content contains 6 modules that provide an introduction to HTML5. It has lesson files, lecture notes and an Instructor Guide which includes class setup and/or preparation notes for each of the 6 curriculum modules, as well as alternate exercises for students and additional review questions. While the lessons can be used progressively, you are also able to use each lesson independent of the others if it suits the needs of your class.

Agile Software engineering

The course serves as an introduction to agile software development processes. It gives an overview on agile management and engineering practices and provides hands-on exercises for students to practice and apply the lecture material. The material can be used in a course focusing on agile software development processes but it could also be used update existing team-oriented software engineering courses to include an agile perspective that is becoming widely used in industrial practice

Windows Phone

Windows Phone Development with C# : This material, created by Rob Miles from the University of Hull – and speaker at Students-to-Business Day 2012, contains a ten chapter textbook with labs, demos and step by step instructions on how to create Windows Phone 7 applications.

Introduction to Game Programming with XNA and Windows Phone 7 : Created by Kelvin Sung from the University of Washington Bothell, this curriculum is a 16-hour course designed to teach students how to build a 2D interactive video game. Included in this information are PowerPoint slides, labs and the associated source code. It is designed for students with a background in CS3 (data structure).

Windows 8

Steven Sinofsky, president of the Windows and Windows Live Division at Microsoft, recently unveiled the touch-first user interface of Windows 8, along with a whole host of other new features. Get introduced and start writing your first windows Apps.

In addition to this newly added training material you can find here info on:

· Microsoft Dynamics

· Operating system

· Information Management

· Embedded systems and devices


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