We are excited to announce the launch of the new DreamSpark webpages

Dreamspark-bannerAd-1-120x90 Over the past 10 years, Microsoft has been providing students and institutions free access to our development tools and platforms. The consolidation of DreamSpark and MSDNAA will allow us to provide even better services to students, educators, and institutions across high school and higher education. The new DreamSpark pages give you a complete overview of the direct and subscription offerings. It brings you now on 1 single site a full overview of all software available for download – and as from there link to your learning material. Guess it will become soon your preferred Microsoft page ! Discover it now on www.dreamspark.com
What has changed?
  • MSDNAA and DreamSpark have been consolidated into a single program that provides Microsoft products to students and educators across primary, secondary and tertiary educational institutions
  • MSDNAA has been renamed to DreamSpark Premium
  • We’ve added a new institution-wide subscription “DreamSpark” that licenses you to distribute our development and design products across your institution’s labs and to all of your students and faculty. In addtion you will have the right to distribute electronically the software and make use of Microsoft support.

How does this affect your existing subscription as a school?

  • Developer AA has simply been renamed DreamSpark Premium. You’ll continue to access all the same software titles as you did before. Designer AA and High School AA have been discontinued and replaced with a new institution-wide offering named DreamSpark. There will be no change for the duration of your subscription. Upon renewal, you’ll be provided guidance on how to enroll in the new offerings.
  • Microsoft has included a series of academic institutions in the list of schools. When you are signed up for IT Academy, there is an automatic synchronisation of accounts. Should your school’s name not be available in the list, please create it via https://www.dreamspark.com/Account/CreateAccount.aspx. For corrections, please contact your Academic Program Manager or report the issue directly to the DreamSpark team DreamsparkSupport-EM@eu.subservices.com

How does this affect your registration as a student or lecturer ?

  • Before you can take advantage of the new system, your account has to be migrated. Microsoft will provided you with a unique, one-time use code that will take you through the final steps necessary to migrate your account. Once you complete this step, your new account will be valid for 12 months.
  • Software can still be downloaded free of charge, and the same products are still available.

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Enjoy using Microsoft Software !