What students should know about the Windows Store prior to publishing apps

With General Availability of Windows 8 coming closer and closer (October 26!), now’s the time to finalize your app and get it into the Windows Store - open now for all developers, including student developers.

At Microsoft we pay special attention to students – in this blogpost you’ll find information on the Windows Store specifically for students.

Windows 8


· Via DreamSpark.com, students can obtain an online a registration code. Via this code, students get free access to Windows Store. The free access to the store is valid for one year. Once the account is up for renewal, if a user is still a student, they can verify on DreamSpark again, and get another code to renew.

Registration process:

· As there is no specific “student” account, students should select category “individual

· You will be asked for a credit card number to settle payment. By preference, you use yours, though you could also use your parents’ credit card.

· Age limit for publication in the Windows Store is 18 years. If you’re younger, then we suggest that your parents create the account and submit the app on your behalf.

· There are no limits for the number of apps that students can submit for free.

Is your app not yet ready? Boost the development: find additional resources via DreamSpark: http://www.dreamspark.com/Student/Windows-8-App-Development.aspx. It contains tools and resources specifically for students to help you develop Windows 8 apps.

Are you still looking to install Windows 8? When your institution has a signed up for DreamSpark Premium (see search widget here), then you can download it from there. Without DreamSpark Premium, you still have either the 90-days free trial version or special offers.

Have fun building apps for Windows 8!