Introducing the InfoSec Assessment & Protection Suite

The Information Security Tools (IST) team has released the InfoSec Assessment & Protection (A&P) Suite.  It’s a suite made up of protection and assessment tools which include:

  • Web Protection Library (WPL) - an umbrella for several libraries and runtime modules including the Microsoft Anti-Cross Site Scripting Library v3.1 (Anti-XSS V3.1) and SRE, packaged together with Anti-XSS when downloaded. Helps prevent XSS and SQL injection attacks, but instead of having to make changes to the code (which is manual and costly), a user makes changes to the application configuration and not the code (white list/black list). Watch the podcast, “Enhanced Web Protection Library,” as Anil Revuru (RV) from the IST teams shares the details of the new expansion of this library.
  • Code Analysis Tool for .NET (CAT.NET) - a managed code security source code scanning tool that has been totally rewritten.
  • Web Application Configuration Analyzer (WACA) designed to scan your development environment against best practices for .NET security configuration, IIS settings, SQL Server Security best practices and some Windows permission settings.

Read more about the the A&P suite here and watch the podcast, “Assessment and Protection Suite,” as Anil Revuru (RV) and Mark Curphey from Microsoft IST team discuss the future of this suite of tools.

To download these tools for free, you will need to register on the Connect site. Once you’ve registered, you can download the tools below directly. Get the latest on the A&P Suite on the IST Blog.

Download, A&P Suite will include:

-Diane Talvo
Microsoft Information Security