The InfoSec X Prize: Fundamental Change Through Competition

Today I had a thought provoking conversation with Dr. Peter Diamandis, Chairman and CEO of Zero Gravity Corporation & X Prize Foundation, on radical & fundamental change. Change that advances the status quo rather than relying on incremental change for gradual advance.

Arguably the Ansari X Prize (and others in the hopper) have achieved some breakthrough successes. Most notable achievements of the X Prize are:

  • Achieving fundamental advancement in technology using competition driven philanthropy
  • High rate of investment with respect to prize money. An example Diamandis provided was $100 million invested in Ansari X prize for a $10 million prize
  • Booster to commercial adoption resulting from the advancement made. An example is the rapid kick start of transatlantic commercial air services after Lindbergh’s successful attempt at the Orteig Prize in 1927

Now this brings me to a theme of recurrent conversation between my friend Eric Rachner and I. It is my belief that there has not been a fundamental change in the field of information security in the last decade. Read more…

Akshay Aggarwal
Practice Manager (North America & Latam)