Video Series: ACE Security Consultants from the Field

Kicking off our video series, ‘ACE Security Consultants from the Field, ’ Talhah Mir from Microsoft Information Security, talks to two passionate individuals about security.

Watch the podcast, “ACE from the Field: Carric 'DEFCON Goon' Dooley,” as Carric Dooley, Senior Security Consultant from Microsoft ACE Team, talks about his broad security experience including pen testing (on non-Microsoft platforms), the completeness of security and more.

Roger Grimes, Security Architect from Microsoft ACE Team in this video, “ACE from the Field: Roger Grimes & Securing the Internet,” discusses his lifelong passion for making the internet more secure. He shares his thoughts on how security has evolved, where it stands, how it can be fixed including how most hacks can actually be avoided by the user.

More videos coming up from ACE security consultants in the field, stay tuned...

-Diane Talvo
Security Awareness Program Manager
Microsoft Information Security