Another great week of webcasts

Not great times for Aussies (although they will be recorded), but this series seems like it's well worth a look.

Tune in to .NET Unwrapped, the webcast series focused on real-world developer solutions for the financial services industry. Hear from the Microsoft financial services team as well as experts who have deployed technologies and systems at some of the largest financial institutions. Learn how to:

  • Exchange information and functionality between disparate systems and platforms
  • Migrate from COM and WinDNA to .NET
  • Implement best practices for J2EE and .NET interoperability
  • Integrate for mature messaging systems

Here's the list of sessions and links to the rego pages:
(Careful - I hand-translated the times from Pacific time (UTC-8) to Australian Eastern Daylight Time (UTC+11), so you might want to check that I got the sums right.)