CodeCampOz Day 0

What do you get when you add 200 Geeks to a town like Wagga Wagga? CodeCampOz, of course. I got into town on Friday morning and found the local amenities. Then I headed out to meet Irfan, Phillip, Anthony and the rest of the staff at Charles Sturt University. As soon as I got there, I knew we were set for a treat. There were signs up directing people to CodeCamp and even chalk messages and arrows on the footpaths to make sure noone lost their way! Irfan and Phillip made me feel very welcome, with lunch at the staff club and a guided tour of some of the campus. It's a very pleasant place indeed.

I went back out to the airport to collect Chuck, Greg and anyone else who needed to come back into town. Craig and Castro were on the same flight, as well as a bunch of other folk. We ducked into town and played "spot the geek" -- folks wandering around with branded clothing were easy, but some required a little more work.

Back out to the Uni again to check that everything was in place. No need to worry though - the CSU team had thought of everything, including setting up WAPs for us so there was enough wireless for even an auditorium full of geeks with 2 devices each. We met Mitch and Darren there, as well as Geoff.

Back into town and get ready to go out to dinner. About 20 of us ended up at Montezumas which, coincidentally I think, served Mexican food. I had a great chat about things .NET and even managed to slip in a couple of plugs for VFP 9.0.

I headed back to my room quite early and flaked out in preparation for the mayhem the next day.