ECMA Office Open XML Session at OzFox

[Update - Fixed link to presentation. Thanks yag]

Last night I delivered my session at OzFox - Creating Office OpenXML Documents in VFP.

Recently adopted as an ECMA standard, and currently undergoing the approval process for ISO adoption, the new Office Open XML document formats are the native format for Word, Excel and PowerPoint 2007.

The huge advantage that this format has over the previous ones is that it is completely documented and allows programmatic creation of Office documents without requiring the Office client applications.

In this session, Andrew will introduce the structure of an Office Open XML document and will demonstrate how to create and modify documents from within VFP, all without ever having to run any of the Office apps in the process.

As promised, the slides for the session are here, and the (tiny amount of) code is here.

One of the things that came up in the session that wasn't covered in the slides was the enhancements to the =rand() function in Word2007 ;)