HP 6365 in the USA - another blonde moment.

Susan is not the only one to have a blond moment with a phone recently.

I brought my iPAQ 6365 Pocket PC Smart Phone to TechReady here in Seattle and ducked into the local T-Mobile shop for a pre-paid SIM (as a company policy, we don’t do global roaming). All good so far. The blurb said that the number takes 15 minutes to 24 hours to activate but the salesperson said that was closer to 5 minutes so I had the SIM in and was waiting for it to find the network. 4 hours later it was still not finding the network. I tested the SIM in Dave’s phone and it worked, so back to the shop and the salesperson. She futzed around with the phone for a while and then decided it needed to be escalated. I got the number for T-Mobile’s HP Data Support (even though pre-paid plans don’t come with data) and I rang them today at lunchtime. I spent 30 minutes on hold, got escalated again and then the epiphany! My quad-band phone is actually a dual-dual-band phone. I hadn’t seen this screen before, but Start|Settings|Phone Band gives you two radio buttons.

 O North America (850/1900) 
O Europe, Asia (900/1800)

Of course, my phone was on the Europe/Asia setting. Flicking it to North America made all the difference!