Internet Safety for Kids

Last night I presented to parents at my kids' school on the topic of "Internet Safety for Kids". This follows on from Jeff's great TechEd presentation last year, which in turn derives from the materials on Laura Chappell's great site. We had a great discussion afterwards and as promised, I've posted the presentation deck here.

Please feel free to use this material (acknowledging Laura's work please) if you have a local group you think would benefit from this presentation.


Here are the points I raised at the end of the presentation as the
Bottom Line

  • Talk to your kids
    • Stranger Danger on the web
    • "We’re around and will look after you"
    • Use the online resources
  • Keep internet access in public location
    • Watch out for signs of hiding things
  • Don’t be afraid of the technology
  • Don’t rely on the technology alone