New Team Foundation Server Mailing List in Australia

Grant Holliday sent me a note last night announcing that he's set up a new mailing list to deal with TFS-related issues.

Hi there,

As you are aware, Team Foundation Server adoption is taking off in Australia since the release in March ‘06. Like myself, you have probably built up a collection of knowledge and experience around the product.

Although blogging about your experiences is great, I've found that people (who don't read blogs) are missing out on important information. An example for me was that people hadn't heard about the latest TFS Power Tools update. This particular update included a TreeDiff utility that they could be using - but they didn’t know about it.

So, I have started a mailing list and website called My vision is to create an online community around TFS in Australia that we can all share and benefit from. This is not a user group (however I do like the idea catching up for a beer and a chat).

I invite you to subscribe to the OzTFS list and give it a try.

Signing up is simple, just send an email to with the word "subscribe" in the subject. (or click here

I'm open to any feedback and I'm willing to take the community in whatever direction it decides.  Some of my ideas are already on the website:

Looking forward to seeing you on the list,

Grant Holliday