Route64 Comes To Sydney

Well, I've finally got around to blogging about the Route64 event that happened here in Sydney on July 8. We had about 85 keen developers come to the Microsoft offices in Sydney to hear Volker Will and James Smith give a great introduction to our approach to 64-bit. The day started with an overview of the Windows 64-bit roadmap and a review of the architecture of porting applications to 64-bit. This was followed by a brief introduction to SQL Server 64-bit.

During the lunch break, the delegates mingled in the partner exhibition area and chatted with representatives from HP, Intel, AMD and MSDN. Each of the partners had technical staff on hand to answer some of the curly questions delegates had about their hardware, as well as marketing folk to answer availability and roadmap questions. The hit give-away had to be the great Hoodies from HP (a hooded fleece jacket).

After lunch, we had the meat of the developer information, with presentations on developing 64-bit applications in C/C++ and then using .NET managed code.

All of the presentations are available at, including the slides themselves, sample code used and videos of the sessions in streaming or download format.

If you've got questions about 64-bit development on the Microsoft platform , please let me know.