TechEd Day 2 – The Conversation Continues

See also Day 1 and Day 0

Another fun day at TechEd in the US started with a great session from Amanda Silver on VB and LINQ.I then spent a couple of hours in the massive Hands On Labs area, where there were 600 colour-coded machines set up.

While I was there, I ran into a couple of familiar faces who were proctoring in the lab.

Local boy come good, AB with another local boy, AC. Notice the DG shirt.

Hmm... Jeff in his natural state?

The Hands On Labs experience is one we’re bringing to TechEd Australia in its entirety, complete with dual-monitor machines and a huge range of labs. It was one of the most popular elements of TechEd last year, and I’m sure it will be just as well-received this year.

Finally, I saw a great session by Sara Ford (the no 1 blogger in Microsoft!) on Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 IDE Tips and Tricks. Check out her tip of the day (she’s up to #234).