Techno Holiday

I'm on holiday - each couple of years, all my immediate family converge on Melbourne to see my extended family. My brother (also a 'softie) and sister's families are the same size and age as mine, so the three families set up camp in a caravan park on the north-eastern outskirts of Melbourne. This is not the most internet-friendly of locations (no phone lines into the caravan park other than to the main office, and no wireless broadband coverage from the local carriers), but this evening we are sharing an internet connection from my GPRS-enabled phone via Bluetooth to my laptop, thence to a 802.11b WAP and to the other 5 devices that live here at the moment (total 5 laptops and one Wi-Fi PDA!).

I find it very cool that I can be sitting in the middle of nowhere and have internet connectivity (albeit slow and a little flaky) and wireless multi-player games. Two years ago the decorations were blue cable, but this year we've done away with even that.

Happy holidays to all and all the best for a safe and prosperous 2005.