The "Drought"

I'm back from paternity leave - and
quite excited to be getting back to work. Ironically, it seems like work is
much easier then helping with the baby and chasing our two year old daughter
around. Microsoft gives male employees four weeks of paid paternity leave (which
is quite nice), plus I took two weeks of vacation. Between the nice weather
we been having in Seattle this summer (most people from other parts of the world would
call it a drought) and the extended family time, it was a very nice six weeks.
However, I am a little sick of The Wiggles.


We are currently very busy plannig for PDC this
year, and I am very interested in what kind of
content SqlXml users who will be attending would be interested in. Please feel
free to contact me directly with any ideas or suggestions. 


Still working on part two of the article, should
be out in the October time frame shortly before PDC. Unfortunately, I am a little
short on time lately (maybe for ever) so I am trying to work on it a bit at a time.
However, I will be high lighting a couple of fixes that I got into SqlXml WR 3 sp2 ,
based on problems that I ran into when developing the sample application. The
entire exercise has reminded me again of how important it is to develop end-to-end
applications to verify the libraries we ship.