Active Directory PowerShell

With the release of Windows Server 2008 R2 Beta, we are proud to announce the Active Directory Module for Window PowerShell.   The Active Directory module is a command line scripting language that network administrators can use to manage their Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) and Active Directory Lightweight Services (AD DS, formerly known as ADAM) instances in their LAN environments. 

I see the look on some of your faces, "Oh no, not another scripting language".  I think many of you will find this scripting language easier to grasp as it uses verb noun pairs to construct the commands. These verb-noun pairs are known as cmdlets.  For example, the cmdlet to create a new user in Active Directory is New-ADUser.  How cool is that?  It mimics the way you would naturally think about creating a user if you could "talk" to your computer.  Also, the commands are entered via the Active Directory module or Windows PowerShell interfaces.  These interfaces resemble the command line prompt which many network administrators will find familiar.  By using the Active Directory module, tasks that use to take several lines of code to complete in other scripting languages, can now be done in one command.  

For detailed information about Active Directory PowerShell see:

The guide, Active Directory Module for Windows PowerShell outlines the ins and outs of using the Active Directory Module for WindowsPowerShell.

Take some time and play around with the Active Directory module. You may find yourself falling in love with scripting all over again.

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