Doc Updates for Azure RMS - April 2015

Now on the Microsoft Rights Management (RMS) Team blog  - Announcement: Azure RMS Documentation Library Update for April 2015

We usually post these announcements at the end of every month, but this time, the publication was delayed a few days because of the announcement (and demo) in Brad Anderson's keynote speech about RMS doc tracking at the Microsoft Ignite conference.  If you didn't see this, you can watch the full recording or read just the recap of the demo.  This is a demo that is always well received because people can see how it makes protecting important documents not just easy for their users, but also fun!  Security, fun?  Yes, really - watch the demo and you'll see why.

If you're new to Azure RMS and want to try this out for yourself, we've just published a new tutorial - 5 steps, in 15 minutes (or less):  Quick Start Tutorial for Azure Rights Management