Light up on Windows Vista: The "Top 10" List

PDC attendees got a "top 10" poster, but the details are now live on MSDN: "10 things you can do to make your application shine when it runs on Windows Vista."  They are, in no particular order:

1. Follow the Windows Vista style guidelines
2. Enrich the user experience
3. Enable users to visualize, organize, and search
4. Run securely
5. Design for reliability and manageability
6. Establish a customer feedback loop
7. Build for connected systems
8. Bring data to the user with RSS
9. Make document data accessible
10. Build for mobility

This helps frame my talk on Thursday (FUN318), since I'll be digging into 6 out of these 10 themes and show how I applied them to Internet Hearts.  I won't be covering #1 because that's not very exciting, or #3 and #9 because they don't apply to this application, or #10 (which would have been nice) because that's too much to cram into one hour.

As a side note, "Light Up on Longhorn" had a much better ring than "Light Up on Windows Vista."  Does anyone have a better term for "light up"?

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