PDC talk descriptions & the game of Hearts

Today Raymond talks about marketing tweaking PDC talk descriptions and some little-known history on Microsoft Hearts, both of which made me smile since I'm going to be doing a PDC talk primarily based on my Internet Hearts project.  Of course, Internet Hearts (which appeared in Windows XP) is a separate codebase from Hearts, and you get to play real (but nameless) people.  Whereas Hearts, despite prompting you to log on to "the Microsoft Hearts Network," doesn't have anything to do with the network.  If you disable your Internet connection, Pauline, Michele, and Ben are still there to play you!

But on to the topic of PDC talk descriptions, you can find mine at http://commnet.microsoftpdc.com/content/sessions.aspx:

Longhorn: A Case Study on How Your Application Takes Advantage of Longhorn

Wondering how to integrate Avalon for rich UI, Indigo for flexible communication and other great Longhorn features into your application? Want to see what's really involved in making your software "light up on Longhorn?" Using a special version of the Internet Hearts game as a case study, this session highlights strategies and best practices in augmenting large Win32 code bases to incrementally take advantage of new WinFX and Longhorn-specific functionality.

Session Level(s): 300

Track(s): Fundamentals

As you may have guessed, this bares little resemblance to any of my original title suggestions, although the description is mostly still intact.  What do you think?  Does this sound like a talk you would want to see, or is the title too dry?  Is the focus on Longhorn confusing since a lot of the content will be WinFX (which works on XP)?  Would you have guessed that WinFX Interop is an important component of this talk?  Any feedback you share could be helpful ammunition for making some improvements here, so feel free! :)