is one year old!

In a recent meeting, I got the opportunity to meet Ward Cunningham, David Ornstein, and Korby Parnell.  Naturally, afterwards I had wikis on the brain.  They (not intentionally) made me feel guilty about being on such an old version of FlexWiki.  Then I realized that turned one year old last month (4/18), and I forgot its birthday!  Even more guilt!

So I decided that this past weekend was an appropriate time to upgrade.  This updgrade (plus changes in my own customizations like the treeview) means that now works in Firefox!   This has been a request from many of you, so I'm really, really happy to see this working.  I happened to be in our local Apple store this weekend, so I know that it works in Safari, too!

Now's also a good time to take stock of the site.  I last reported that it tracked 25 DLLs and approx. 1,700 signatures and types.  As of right now, contains 66 DLLs with over 2,600 signatures and types!  (46 pages of constants, 9 delegates, 125 enums, 42 interfaces, 215 structures, and 2,175 APIs.)  So thanks again to everyone who has been continuing to contribute to the site!  I love seeing modules and APIs added that I never heard of before, such as iPAQUtil.dll - a recent addition.  Adding new DLLs is still a manual action, so please let me know if you want to see additional modules that aren't there yet!