Popfly Games: Now With High Score Tracking!

Yesterday afternoon we updated Popfly with arguably the most fun feature yet for both viewers and game authors.  Popfly games automatically track scores, wins, and losses for the people who play the games.  If you browse to http://www.popfly.com/Profile/Achievements.aspx, you can see your stats and find out about popular games you haven’t played yet:

Your Achievements Games You Haven't Played 

On each game’s page, you’ll find a little scoreboard so you can compare your performance against your Popfly friends or game author:

Scoreboard on Popfly

And these features (+ more) apply to Facebook as well, now that you can turn any Popfly game into your very own Facebook game.  Any game you create automatically gets a scoreboard that compares Facebook friends, a nifty profile presence, news feed notifications, etc.  For example, you can check out the Facebook version of my Crayon Cannon game.

News Item on Facebook image

So, as a game creator, what should you do to take maximum advantage of this:

  • Use the game-level Score property (if you want to keep any kind of score).  Any numeric values will do, and if you want lower scores to be better, simply click the lower score is better button on the Game tab of the creator.
  • Use Won and Lost scenes.  You can have as many of these type of scenes as you want.  And you can now add more at any time via the Add a Scene dialog.
  • If you don’t care about scores or win/loss records, you still might as well make your game end on a Won scene.  That way your game at least gets credit for having been played every time that scene is reached.