Popfly public beta!

As Steve Ballmer announced this morning, Popfly (my day job) is now open to the public!  All you need is a Windows Live ID.  This morning I decided to use Popfly to show a noticeable trend in my books:

Tip: Click MashOut -> Tweak this from the little overlay to experiment with customizing this little app with your own data.

Of course, this trend in page count is also easy to see in person:

To keep the trend going, I guess my next project is going to be a pamphlet on Popfly! :)  Actually, I promised my wife that my writing days are over, so the next value in the sequence is 0.  I'm happy to let someone else do the writing for a change.  In fact, I see that a book is actually already planned for Popfly!  Awesome!

By the way, I've gotten some emails from people who pre-ordered Silverlight 1.0 Unleashed asking why Amazon is giving weird information about the ship date.  Don't worry... they should be starting to ship already!  As you can see from the above photo, I've already gotten a copy!