The passing of one book and the birth of another

It's official... I got a letter informing me that .NET and COM, almost four years after its release, is out of print.  Of course, it still lives on in PDF form.  Like Luke, I've sometimes been baffled by the apparent lack of supply.  I've been told many times about someone that wanted to get a copy of it but wasn't able to.  But I figure if supply/demand was really out of whack then I would have heard about an Xbox 360-style bidding frenzy on eBay!

After finishing .NET and COM, I said I would never write another book.  At the same time, I knew that as the years passed I would start forgetting about how bad the process really was and only remember the good things.  I really appreciate the kind words from many folks via e-mail, in person, on this blog, and on sites like Amazon.  The amount of positive feedback I've received has been overwhelming, making it even easier to forget about the enormous amount of work and sacrifices it took to create the book!  (Although I did save a particularly nasty voicemail where I got chewed out for being waaaaaaay past a number of deadlines.)

Besides the fading of bad memories, something else happened this year.  My job led me to a fantastic new technology that I feel really passionate about.  Therefore, I have given into temptation and decided to write a book about my new favorite technology: WPF!

Stay tuned for more info...