There goes my dream of being a rock star...

For anyone that was wondering about the fate of my audition, I got the following response today:

Hello and thank you so much for your interest in Going Beyond Spotlight 2005!!! The response to our contest was OVERWHELMING with dozens and dozens of talented Microsoft employees. It has been so difficult to choose just SIX finalists to perform at Company Meeting 2005.

Unfortunately, despite your EXCELLENT audition, we regret to inform you that you have not been chosen to perform at Company Meeting this year. We truly enjoyed your audition, and we hope that you will keep going beyond with your singing. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

I've got a sneaking suspicion that everyone's audition was "EXCELLENT."  But somehow a form letter seems more personal when multiple exclamation points and ALL CAPS are used.  Anyway, I guess the world just isn't ready for my unique "gift." :)