WPF Book Update (and SD West 2006)

Long time no blog, but I’ve got a good excuse.  Since my last post, I’ve become a father!  This event, of course, made me seriously doubt (even more than usual) the wisdom of writing another book. Here's a quote from my wife:

“You wrote a book during our first year of marriage. You’re writing a book during your first year of fatherhood. Are there any more firsts you can ruin?”

For some reason, explaining that I can’t control the timing of ground-breaking Microsoft technologies didn’t help my case!

I almost called it quits, but I’m once again writing (every night from 9 to midnight, while my son is sleeping) and actually making good progress. I started in November, and now I’m about half-way done (with the first draft, anyway)!  I’m really excited about the book, but it’s still too early to give specifics.  So stay tuned.

In other news, right now I’m flying down to Santa Clara to speak about C++ & WinFX at SD West 2006.  Maybe I’ll see you there!