Creating and customizing TFS Reports...

As the multitude of companies adopting TFS continues to grow, I'm getting more and more questions around customizing reports. TFS has an incredibly rich reporting infrastructure that provides great opportunities to customers...



Here are a few resources that will help you get started with building TFS reports:

TFS Reporting documentation:

Primer on the TFS cube:

Other reporting related blog posts:

Video recording – session on building reports: http://tkbgitvstsat02/sites/ITM_VSTF/MSIT%20Trainings/VSTF%20Reporting%20Training.wmv

and of course:

If you’ve used Microsoft® Visual Studio® Team Foundation Server (TFS), you may have seen reports that you would like to customize. Working with reports can be very intimidating because it uses different technologies that you may not be familiar with. This article provides an introduction to the important concepts you’ll need to learn a “minimal path” through the technologies. Reporting in TFS is built on top of Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services. You’ll also need some additional tools on top of Visual Studio, such as Business Intelligence Development Studio.