Exception Management Application Block

so, I'm sitting here finishing up a custom publisher for the Exception Management App Block (http://www.microsoft.com/patterns) for an Ineta article, and thinking to myself, how can you write a cool example for this, without introducing possible additional exception scenarios (in other words, making the exception management publisher do something in the publishing process that would likely cause additional exceptions).

For example, what if your application had an exception because the network went down, and then you tried to use the network to publish your exception. I've written a publisher to use remoting to a server console, and one for msn messenger, but both these would be mute. Even using smtp mail might be problematic.

And then I realized, that apart from the file system (which is unlikely to disappear suddenly, causing another exception), how about using a message queue? That's exactly what message queueing is for: reliable message delivery.

So that's what I'll do.

If you haven't checked out the patterns site (http://www.microsoft.com/patterns), you should. Great examples of re-usable code for your applications, as well as great design pattern implementations for the .NET platform. Especially if you learned to program in the J2 world using patterns, this might help you make the jump, or at least help you understand what the other side is doing. And in the end, no matter what else, interop is key, so understanding both technologies is important.

Also, apparently, a start is born. Craig McMurtry has been posting some excellent resources on his blog ( http://weblogs.asp.net/craigmcmurtry ) around .NET security. Check it out!!! If you are not writing security at the coding level, there is no way (no matter what the platform) that your system is going to be secure! It all has to start with us developers!