Legal costs... Man, I'm in the wrong business!

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The fees, the largest ever in an antitrust settlement, work out to $3,019 per hour for Eugene Crew, the class action's lead attorney, and more than $2,000 per hour for other attorneys as well as hourly fees of $1,000 for administrative work.

Microsoft, which will have to pay the fees on top of the settlement, told San Francisco County Superior Court Judge Paul Alvarado on Wednesday that the fees did not justify the work involved in the case.

"Somebody ends up paying for this," said Microsoft lawyer Robert Rosenfeld, "these large fee awards get passed on to consumers."

The lead attorney in the class action case, which brought its suit against Microsoft for abusing its dominant market position to overcharge California consumers for software, did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

Crew argued in court documents that the fees were justified, considering the scope of the case against "the most powerful corporation in America."

Wow! I wish I could have gotten away with charging rates like that when I was a consultant! I love how he tries to justify it!!!!

I should see if I can ask my boss to pay me $1000 per hour for my administrative tasks...