MSDN Security Tour for Developers: Think about it...

Attend the MSDN Canada Security event in a city near you. You’ll get information on ASP.NET and Developing Secure Code.


AM Sessions:

Session 1: Essentials of Application Security
Session 2: Writing Secure Code I

PM Sessions:

Session 1: ASP.NET: Designing and Developing a Line-of-Business Web
Session 2: ASP.NET: Best Practices and Techniques for Building Secure ASP.NET Applications

Available in the following cities:

Halifax, NS 04/08/2004
Quebec City, QC 04/07/2004
Montreal, QC 03/31/2004
Richmond, BC 03/25/2004
Victoria, BC 03/24/2004
Edmonton, AB 03/18/2004
Calgary, AB 03/17/2004
Ottawa, ON 03/11/2004