"Real-world" Linux Conference...

So, I decided to attend the “Real-World Linux” conference in Toronto this week. I was kind of hoping to learn some stuff.

The attendence was , not heavy. The usual suspects were all there IBM, SUN, HP being the noteables. There was not any great content on application development at all, which was too bad for me. What a let down.

Interesting that IBM is promoting open source. I wonder if  IBM is behind linux to drive :

a) Server (hardware) sales, and b) IBM Global Services revenue.

The only session I attended that was remotely refreshing and positive was the session by Erik Dasque from Novell on Mono. He told it straight up, the clean room implementation of the the CLS and C# from the ECMA standards (yes, these are STANDARDS), and compared and contrasted Java and C#/CLS in a very factual way (note: JAVA is NOT a standard, it is a proprietary technology that needs to be licensed from Sun Microsystems.)